Poker RANGE TRAINER PRO Review & DISCOUNT CODE! (Monthly GTO Poker Ranges Membership & Training App)

Poker Range Trainer Pro has just completely changed the game for studying poker ranges. This new monthly subscription model gives you access to GTO ranges for every possible situation for less than $40/month. Visit Use Coupon Code 'WINNER' to save 10% (30% off during Black Friday Special!) Start HAVING FUN Learning Ranges!

The days of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for GTO solved poker ranges are over. Thanks to Range Trainer Pro's brand new monthly membership model you can unlock ranges for less than the cost of an online poker tournament. Plus you get their Range Trainer which is the best and most efficient way to learn GTO Ranges.

Ranges included with your premium subscription include
-Unraised Pots (EP, MP, LP, 100BB, 80BB, 60BB, 40BB, 30BB, 20BB, 15BB, 10BB)
-Limped Pots (EP, MP, LP, 100BB, 80BB, 60BB, 40BB, 30BB, 20BB, 15BB, 10BB)
-Raised Pots (EP, MP, LP, 100BB, 80BB, 60BB, 40BB, 30BB, 20BB, 15BB, 10BB)
-How to defend vs 3-bets after opening (In position & out of position)
-Big Blind Defense (passive & aggressive, calling & 3-betting)
-Raised Pots with a caller
-Raised Pots facing a 3-bet

The Poker Range Trainer allows you to select which situations you want to train for. Then it provides you with an endless supply of quizzes to test your knowledge and fine tune your skills.

Range Trainer Pro will tell you when you made a correct +EV play and when you made an incorrect -EV play. It tracks your results so you see where you are excelling and where you are struggling.

The best part? When you want to check any spot Range Trainer Pro will bring up the entire range for the spot and a full breakdown or what hands should be raised, called, folded, limped, 3-bet etc. It even shows you the exact % breakdown of the mixing strategies which the solver uses.

The Range Trainer is extremely fast and gives immediate feedback. When it comes to learning GTO Poker Ranges for all situations that you will face throughout a multi table tournament there is no better app on the market than Range Trainer Pro.

Get Access today
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RangeTrainerPro Features

-Ability to save Unlimited Ranges
-Add and Study Ranges for any Situation
-Solved GTO Ranges (Available to premium members)
-Range Subscription available! 730+ GTO solved RFI, Single Action, and even Multi-way/Squeeze ranges.
-Take your pre-flop confidence to a new level and drill thousands of scenarios.
-Unlimited Training Sessions
-Zero Limits on Questions or Sessions - with a Subscription

Whether you are wanting to train on a specific scenario you’ve been struggling with or keep sharp with some random situations, you will never have to worry about running into some arbitrary number that limits you to how much you can study. Train as much as you want based on your own ranges or the RangeTrainerPro Library of GTO Ranges.

Backstory How range trainer pro came into existence:

"In 2017, after his WSOP Main Event run, co-founder K.L. Cleeton grew frustrated that there weren't any valuable resources designed to help players effectively learn and memorize ranges. There are a litany of resources that provide ranges, but none that actually help you commit them to memory.

Over the next 2 years, K.L. worked with app developer and part-time poker player Matt McElligott to design and perfect an app that poker players of any ability level can find value in. In 2019, that work culminated in the release of RangeTrainerPro.

Whether you are just getting started in building the foundation of your poker game from scratch or you are a seasoned professional looking to stay sharp with consistent study, RangeTrainerPro is created with all players in mind."

Since then RangeTrainerPro has partnered with Ryan Laplante and Learn Pro Poker to reach even more people with this incredible poker training app. Here's what Ryan Laplante had to say about his exciting partnership with Range Trainer Pro "With their app, you'll be able to not only easily get access to the official LearnProPoker GTO ranges built using Monker and PIOSolver for a fraction of the cost of other sources, but also be able to study and train with these ranges so you can quickly and efficiently learn and commit them to memory.""

Perfect Your Preflop Play -
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