Heads Up Feud: DNegs Offers $1M He Runs Worse – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #92

0:05 Intros - DNegs post match blow up
4:40 Reactions to Sheldon Adelson's death
13:57 Heads Up Feud Update: They both think they run worse! Daniel is willing to bet that he is. (17:20)
35:47 Latest High Stakes Poker Episode Updates - $1M Pot
38:25 GG Masters Turns 1 Year Old
42:06 Tweets - Astrology Or Trump? DN vs Hellmuth Heads Up Challenge?
51:00 Crazy Hand vs Polk
58:05 How DNegs Would Do Heads Up vs Ivey
1:06:00 Daniel's First Chess Tournament
1:13:18 VoiceMail Question

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