EPIC Beat The Pros FINAL TABLE run at GGPoker!!! (Plus BIG NEWS about Friday)

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What's up guys! I hope everyone is doing well! Last week I had an INSANE run in the $210 Beat The Pros over at GGPoker. It was an absolute blast and I wanted to share that with you. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you wanna see more content from me, please leave a comment and a like!

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Streams usually start at Noon and run until about 10pm. Except when we make a really deep run in which case sometimes I'm on until midnight. We always run lots of giveaways, like the 27% winnings giveaway I did for this stream, and homegame tickets so you can play along with the team and build your bankroll for free.

It's a super fun experience as we stream mostly on no-delay to create a real fun, team based, party atmosphere. I really think we have more fun playing online pokes than anyone else out there.

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